does not need to be explained.  We all know the value of it and the importance of it, but where do you get it and here's something to think about...........how do you transport it from here to there. How do you make a water tight container with  organic materials?  One thing that I think is important to learn about first is,  GIARADIA.  Its a bad bug that can kill you and at the very least make you very very sick and its in the water, not all the water but enough of it to make you think twice. Find out how to find good water or to treat it and eliminate the bugs.
Wildwoodsurvival.com A couple arcticles on water purification and water sources.
Oasisdesign.net Explains how water is purified by nature and how to use wild water responsibly.
Thefarm.org Not exactly a technique you can use in the wild but could save your life in a natural disaster.
Web.mit.edu More interesting facts about water viruses bacteria, etc.
Wilderness-survival.net Military survival viewpoint on water procurement and purification.
Natureskills.com Water purification.
Wilderness-survival-skills.com Finding water, where is it!
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