is a skill.  It is right alongside fire as one of my favorite primitive skills subjects. There are many aspects of navigation, from the stars and sun, to the predominant winds of a given area.  Collecting sign is a fun thing to do, the sun and wind affect everything about how nature grows and where it grows, not to mention erosion, animal habits etc. Everything is an indicator ofdirection. For example, a tree likes the sun, therefore there will be more branches on the southern side of it (northern hemisphere).  A south facing slope will have different vegetation than a north facing slope.  The snow will pile up on the side of an object determined by the predominant winds, etc etc etc.  Just be careful not to rely on a single indicator, the more and different signs you use the more accurate and confident you can be. Study the stars too,  you may know the north star  but what if you're in thick woods and can only see a tiny bit of the night sky.............which way is north now?.........what time is it? Nature is your compass! Finding latitude with polaris. Finding Polaris, otherwise known as the North Star . Another page on finding polaris. Finding polaris with the moon, day or night. Finding true north without a compass. More tricks to finding north without a compass. How to use a map and compass.
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