is saving your life all the time and in some places everyday, call it a house if you will but its a shelter none the less, how do you succesfully build a shelter out in the woods...........or desert...........or arctic?  Exposure can affect your ability to live and certainly your  comfort factor. Learn to build a good shelter and be a comfy little critter...........ahem........big critter. The basic survival shelter. Lots of quality pictures of various primitive shelters. Various shelter designs. No pictures, good simple arcticle on various shelters. The prefered shelters of various tribes and regions. A bunch of different snow shelter ideas.
The Survival & Self-Reliance Studies Institute SSRsi is a comprehensive database of self help, self reliance, survival, emergency preparedness, outdoor adventure and Do It Yourself information. Basic survival shelter. Excellent resource for shelters. The debris shelter, good pictures. Good tips on the debris shelter. Building a tipi the plains Indian way. Tipi history. Did you know the Poles used in construction have meaning? A whole website devoted to tipis. A photgraphic tour of a wigwam in construction. How to make cattail mats to cover a wigwam. A very detailed description of how to built a yurt. How to make a pit shelter. How to build a jungle a jungle...........with palms. Very important, selecting the location of your shelter. More info on shelters, no pics, basic. Mostly shelters for snow conditions. Options for a longterm shelter situation, things to think about.
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