may be one of most rewarding skills to master. With it comes hard work and patience but hear me out............its not as hard as some make it out to be!!  Its a simple combination of knowledge, technique and practice mixed to form experience. Knowledge of wood types, Techniques regarding kit design and hand, body motions and of course Practice makes perfect!
FIRE An awesome primitive skills site all round. Here you'll find some good videos and Fire kits for sale. This is an excellent site with some original techniques, check out Egyptian Bow Drill. This is a highly pathetic arcticle on fire, but its not my job to judge, its yours, so here it is. Check out the fire piston writeup, go to the bottom of the page and click the link. One mans journey to fire by friction............ill informed, yet still does it!! The place to go if you want to buy the best fire piston available! A historical and global look at primitive fire from a museums point of view. Here's a fire starting technique that you probably haven't seen!! Highly detailed bow-drill instructions!! BowDrill and Hand Drill kits for sale. A great video of the hand drill in motion, its in Quicktime  .mov  format. A simple site of various techniques including the fire saw. Some quality how to DVDs, one on fire. A few different arcticles on bow drill and hand drill fire making. How to use various spark makers.
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