takes many forms.......bow and arrow, traps, spear, and any other  way to take down an animal that has come to be, please though with all humor aside, we hunt to live, all life is supported by death. Even the humble plant lives off decomposing organics, something had to die in order to decompose.  Its the natural order of things, whats not natural is greed, hunting more than you need is greed.  It's also wise to use the animal to its maximum potential skin bones and all, every part is incredibly usefull. However too we are all learning, you may be in need of meat yet not have the knowledge to know how to use it all.  Trust your heart and use your head.  After you come to the conclusion that you need to hunt, the next question is what and who, do you take the healthy one or the lame one.......will it make it through winter? There are many ethics involved however, listen to your heart and remember, its the natural order of things. Dating back thoasands of years..........The Atlatl. All about the Inupiat hunting traditions.
The Boyers Den A basic site about selfbow construction. A selfbow making tutorial. Traps and snares. Trapping is an art, a primitive skill one shood master, hunt without being present. How to Skin
Deer, Elk, Antelope, Goat, or Sheep How to field dress a deer. How to field dress game birds. Aging and butchering your deer meat.
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