are the place to go when you have the niggly question that you can't figure out.  Whats this plant? How do you Fox walk?  How do you get the fiber out of that bunch of Nettle? etc etc. Its also just nice to be a part of a community that thinks like you!
PaleoPlanet I believe this is a great Forum. Yes indead another great forum, Subsiduary of Wilderness Awareness School. The Tracker Schools Official Forum. AKA Tom Brown . The Jack Mountain Bushcraft Forum. Randall's Adventure & Training  = RAT Survival Bills Forum. Lots of subjects. Hoods Woods Forum A Forum thats all about hide tanning and various techniques.
Plainsmans Cabin An excelent forum! More of a general Campfire Forum, Good primitive skills content too though. The Pine Home websites Forum. Equipped to Survive. For those in the UK, a little closer to home.
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