is good, especially when you're hungry, but there's no Safeway out in the woods!!  The good news is that if you learn just a few plants in your area you can survive, learn a few more and you can survive happily, learn to cook that food well and you will not be surviving at all but living, learn a few more plants and you have some seasoning and garnishes. And get this, all those plants you just learned have medicinal qualities that will keep you healthy and comfortable. Jungle foods. Wild edcible plants video course for sale. How healthy were primitive man?  Did they have a shorter lifespan without modern medicine?
Learningherbs .com Great site about medicinal plants, check out their board game! Go down to the "wild plants" section, it has high quality pictures and details. Lots and lots of pictures. Not a huge site but does have its own original content. Debs personal collection of plant pictures, and info. A simple site yet very informally informative.  Regards both medicinal and edible plants. How to make wine from various different wild plants and berries. An online Ethonobotany bi-monthly newsletter,  see the Archives section. All about mushrooms, mushrooms and more mushrooms!! A mushroom club in boston. A mushroom club in the WA state puget sound area. Just your everyday wild food recipes, grilled prairie dog, bird brain stew, acorn mush, etc. An online wild foods field guide. Why eat wild foods? A little E-book. An excellent site on wildflowers. A couple pages on edible and posinous plants.
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